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Internet crime rings duping unemployed and others

ArsTechnica has a link to a story on how Internet crime rings are recruiting folks to help launder money and items for them unknowingly. The worse thing is if the duped find out they are in danger of having ID theft since the ’employers’ know enough about the person to be able to steal their IDs. That really sucks. As always if you’re searching for a job in the IT or technology industry be on the lookout for what the company actually does

Also, if you get caught up in doing this even unwittingly you are an accomplice to a crime so it makes it worth your while to double check things even in this rough economy

Obligatory excerpt:

The scam also involves auction fraud, where the scammers use the recruit’s name and address to start fake auctions on high priced items. The auction winner is then instructed to wire money to the recruit’s bank account and the recruit is then to wire the money overseas. Of course when the item is not shipped the person in the middle often gets caught. If an employee doesn’t realize it is a scam and starts to wire money or repackage items, they are unknowingly committing theft by receipt, falsifying documents and/or tax evasion.

Link to Internet Crime story

Link to ArsTechnica’s Discussion on this topic

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