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{ Monthly Archives } December 2003

Some elves are getting no Christmas Love

Merry Christmas to all out there from Japan. It’ll be another few more hours before the western parts of the planet get to celebrate Christmas though. On some definitey Scroogey news…. Santapark in Lapland says it’s been forced to shed full-time elf staff to save money. Link to Story

Perl port to JVM?

I’m sure this would make piles of Perl Hackers happy.  A port of the perl language to the Java JVM.   The project is stopped due to the original author wrote a proof of concept and has moved on to other things but it seems this would be amusing. Here’s the link

Happy IT Holidays?

You have to see it for yourself…  Click Here

The Internet world of The Simpsons

Checked out some info on The Simpsons .   The amount of fan information on the Simpsons staggers me.   For starters check out this site:?@?@Simpsons FAQ For note the Simpsons is on its 15th Season already. That’s a really long running TV series. One neat thing about animation is that the passage of time for the […]

Getting 802.11g working on older PowerBooks preview

I got 802.11g working on an older PowerBook (NOT with an Airport Extreme card but a normal CardBus one). I’ll document more of my the experiences I had with going with what I thought ‘would just work’ in a later blog.

More offshoring news

Businessweek is running a couple of articles on the offshoring phenomenon. The Rise of India Corporate America’s Silent Partner

Wi Fi Growth != Profit

There’s a story at Wired News regarding the growth of Wi-Fu isage however that doesn’t mean that profits have been soaring for the commercial providers of Wi-Fi. In The U.S. I would rightly guess this is true as there are many community outresaches to build WiFi so someone could easily poke around and get free […]


It’s about a boy who wakes up in a telephone booth which has been mysteriously selaed in an envelope of concrete. Using only the contents of his pockets (two pens, a paperback novel, three coins and 20 ft of unwaxed dental floss) our hero must fashion and execute an escape plan before he runs out […]

Public Patent Foundation

Got this link from Ted Leung’s weblog. This sounds like a great idea worth helping out in whatever small ways one can. Obligatory excerpt: Wrongly issued patents injure the public because they can be used by private actors to preclude activity that would otherwise be permissible, if not desirable. This causes prices for goods to […]

A Display Technology that failed

I was skimming the post on ArsTechnica about possible future of display technology and stumbled across this story in the forums. This is a great read for thinking about getting into the technology business. Be careful that ‘good enough’ strategies don’t clobber you. Have I written about ‘good enough’ strategies yet? I should since a […]

Intel getting into the display business

Seems Intel is getting into the display business and ‘it will change the display/TV industry as we know it’. Considering I read lots of tech feeds and have read at least a handful of technologies in the past couple of years that are still not even out on the market for general purpose/consumer uses. I […]

Ace’s Hardware on Game Console Hardware

Ace’s Hardware has a story titled Game Consoles: A Look Ahead. However, on looking through the article it is mainly from the hardware vantage rather than any overarching game industry or software perspective. For you hardware junkies out there this is a good overview of the current Game Console Hardware specs as well as a […]

Being Rich and how you show it

The New York Times has a story about the interesting paradoxes of the wealthy and how they try to show their public figure to people. It brings up some interesting topics such as: If you’re rich and everyone pretty much knows you’re rich. Why keep going about trying to show you grew up poor to […]

Internet crime rings duping unemployed and others

ArsTechnica has a link to a story on how Internet crime rings are recruiting folks to help launder money and items for them unknowingly. The worse thing is if the duped find out they are in danger of having ID theft since the ’employers’ know enough about the person to be able to steal their […]

New Motorola Chairman is an RPI Grad

Continuing my random observations of RPI grads doing other things after graduation. The new CEO (Edward Zander) of Motorola graduated from RPI. I’m not sure of the state of Motorola but they’ve not been doing well. So Mr Zander comes into an organization needing lots of reworking. All I can say is… If you mess […]