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Diablo 2, the JavaScript Version!

From the d2jsp Website:

d2jsp is an embedded implementation of a JavaScript engine for executing user program code (scripts) inside Diablo II. d2jsp can be used to make Diablo II do almost anything that can be done in the game by a human player

All I can say is… wow. That’s goofy. Too bad I stopped playing Diablo 2 a long time ago but I can imagine someone with some JavaScript skills could be testing their JavaScript on automating a little Diablo 2 bot.

Diablo 2 JavaScript Parse

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  1. Diablo 2 | June 7, 2006 at 4:13 pm | Permalink

    I can’t believe anyones still playing Diablo II. Back in the day I even had a fan site:

    Still get a few visitors 🙂