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Typo3, gee yet another damn OSS PHP CMS

Oh wow, I managed to cram 3 acronyms in my title. That’s sick. Anyways I was glancing at Yet-Another-CMS-Written-in-PHP. The website is very glossy and slick. Going on for pages and pages. However, here’s one thing about Open Source stuff. I spend a good chunk of time looking at OSS (and sometimes commercial) solutions. The first thing I usually want to know is SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS.

Once you toss out the cost factor, the next factors I need to know are:

  • What programming language is it written in (Helps in evaluating integration with a system)
  • What does it run on
  • What particular libraries and versions does it need

If I have to waste my time looking for this crap I tend to not bother. When it comes to looking at a CMS or other rather large-ish system I need to know where I can fit it in my infrastructure. Not whether I’m going to wrap my infrastructure to fit its needs.

Anyways after looking at this, give me
Mod_Perl, Zope, or AOL Server anyday since I’ve already spent a bit of time reading and understanding their architectures. And yes, I’m not a big PHP fan since I don’t need Yet – Another – Language – That-Doesn’t Stand – Out to take up my time to learn.

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