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Geospatial data isn’t as free as you’d hope

Was looking at The GNUStep Live CD distro a friend forwarded to me. Then noticed the following notice:

There is a big problem with Position that I can’t fix. It was some mount=
hs since I’ve worked at it and, when I’ve lauched it to test some change=
s I’ve done in the last days, I’ve noticed that the download of the maps=
from doesn’t work anymore. This is because www.vicinit= has been buyied by Microsoft and the free download of the maps has=
been interrupt.

It is amazing that much map and location based information is free. Many
applications have been built to take advantage of them. But forget not
like anything else it costs money to MAINTAIN. So can eventually
become payware of some sort if the organization that maintains that
data gets bought out or goes under.

A lot of geowanking has been going on from Hackers which I think
is very cool. However, better to consider having this stuff
a privilege.

Link to GNUStep CD

MS Busted Position

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