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Are YOUR systems secure? (Who cares about others)

A friend of mine was mentioning to me the recent “study” that mentioned Linux seems to get more attacks and that supposedly the BSDs (and OS X) were the most secure OS.

After thinking about this a little bit more (5 seconds) I realized something. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Linux, Windows, Oberon 2 or something else. What matters is whether YOUR systems are secured. Have you bothered to check all the software you have installed and running for security exploits? Do you even know WHERE to find this information? (That’s a very easy thing to lose track when you have hundreds of programs installed all coming from a gazillion places).

“Huh? What? What OS I’m running? What apps?”

Yeah, exactly.

Better figure that stuff out quickly or ask your trusty computer geek buddy to help you out on this. Otherwise all the horn tooting on my OS is more secure than yours means zilch if you don’t even know what you have on your own system(s).

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