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Mozilla Mail to Outlook Express Import Pain

I just spent a good hour or two puzzling about how to import a bunch of Mozilla Mail into Outlook Express (don’t patronize me about using OE. For this purpose OE is a much easier solution than all the other jury-rigging I’d have to do). Sounds rather simple right? Two rather popular email clients. You would think there WOULD be a way to exchange important data like your email archives, right?


Here are the main issues:

  1. Mozilla has no notion of exporting email into any other format. It stores its email in the popular UNIX mbox format natively. You can usually find it in C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\

    Because it has no way to export this means that Outlook Express must be able to import mbox format.
  2. Outlook Express can import from Outlook, Netscape 4.x Mail, Outlook Express, and Exchange


There’s piles of tools to migrate AWAY from Outlook Express but nothing INTO it. What a bunch of crock. So what do you do? You can Google for it (I already tried) and spend minutes (maybe hours) trying to find an answer. Let me save you some hassle. Most of them involve something like this:

Mozilla Mail -> Eudora Pro -> Outlook Express

There’s another answer if you have an email infrastructure (self-built or lucky enough to be in a place that has it). IMAP. I don’t own a copy of Eudora Pro. Which method do you think I chose?

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  1. chris | March 30, 2004 at 2:27 pm | Permalink

    nice article.
    searched for an importer, but give up now. outlook rules 🙂