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DARPA Grand Challenge Updates

Looks like the Grand Challenge is finally under way. I’m still cheering for the
RPI Team (Team LoGHIQ) to do their best and kick some butt. They’re still
up for the QIDs (Qualification, Inspection, and Demonstration) sometime soon.
So if you’re cheering for underdogs here’s one to cheer for.

Seems the
Red Team which is the prized CMU team passed the QID (Qualification, Inspection, and Demonstration) already. Then again with the budget and people they’ve thrown on, it’d be an embarassment if they didn’t

The Grand Challenge Status Board

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  1. Seth Cabe | December 19, 2004 at 4:30 pm | Permalink

    Hey Al,

    We obviously didn’t win the 2004 GC, but we are happy with what we did considering our budget and manpower restraints. We are gearing up for the next race…our design is again a series gasoline electric hybrid. This time, however, it is autonomous. I presented the new project to about a dozen RPI professors recently for a design review, and they think we are on the right track with our “simple” design. Look for us in the upcoming race (Oct. ’05), and if anyone thinks they can contribute in any way please contact me at RPI students and alumni are especially wanted, but any help would be great. Thanks for the encouragement!