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Turning off browser based editor in Manila

Executive explanatation:

Prefs -> Editorials -> Editing Tool -> NONE

The long version with lots of rants

The Browser based editor is a *&(*^#!@# annoyance to me when posting from Windoze. If I use IE or Netscape this stupid WYSIWYG editor pops up and it’s taken me months to figure out how to disable it because:

  • I don’t care THAT much about it
  • I want to POST on stuff I find interesting, not screw around with the interface
  • Finding documentation on certain features of Manila is a fricking pain.

The web interface for Manila is good enough for that simple stuff that fulfills 70% of what I want out of blog but everytime I stray out of that 70% area the curve for learning what the hell I’m doing shoots up exponentially for finding that information. “Oh just go read the docs you lazy bum.” I am, believe me I am. But too bad Manila is so complex that it has to define a vocabulary for itself and to find anything you need to know the vocabulary. But I don’t want to learn the vocabulary I want to get turn off or on feature X that I know by another name thank you very much.

Anyways to click here to go to the URL that explains how to turn off that infernal editor.

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