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Managing multiple CVS branches under 1 dir

I’m not a hardcore CVS user yet. I’m slowly getting there with tracking like 10-15 open source projects in CVS. (Need to start seeing about code reviewing more). However, one of the things that has puzzled me was how to hold onto seperate branches in CVS so I could compare 2 branches in a simple fashion. Here’s one way that I think I’ll be doing.

Just do:

cd kdeedu/kvoctrain
cvs tag -b make_it_cool

The ‘-b’ option makes the tag a branch (i.e., allows further independent
development under that tag). Then you can do ‘cvs co -r make_it_cool

Then, you might want to rename the kvoctrain directory, if you want multiple
branches under the same kdeedu dir. For example, I have kdeedu/kstars_head,
kdeedu/kstars_3_2_BRANCH, and kdeedu/kstars_gl.

Many kudos to the KDE Edu group (which I sometimes track the ML) for pointing out a very useful methodology that I’ve not been able to find in any CVS manuals or books online.

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