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{ Monthly Archives } March 2004

Why arguing about Smalltalk doesn’t matter

I’ve been following the blog thread regarding Why People Don’t Get SmallTalk and the ensuing responses and counter-responses. Ian Bicking offers his thoughts on what’s missing in Smalltalk (First post, second post). The brought up an ensuing discussion on Ian’s own blog (go check the comments in his posts) and a couple of other blogs: […]

UML as a sketching tool

Martin Fowler describes the way some people use UML as a Sketch type tool rather than something formal to create stub code or use as a formal blueprint. My personal leanings are to use it as a Sketch myself as I find the UML diagrams helpful in defining objects BUT anytime I want to use […]

“What I think of people that piss on my front door”

A little raw but then again anything by “JWZ” tends to use crude language (but very funnily) but I found this post funny and mirrors my sentiments on people who feel like defacing other people’s property: In better news, some filthy little gutterpunk both tagged, and then peed on, our front door this evening. Oh […]

Not the kitchen sink but almost (GCC has the strfry function)

This just boggles me: (Gratuitously cut and pasted from the GNU C Library) strfry The function below addresses the perennial programming quandary: “How do I take good data in string form and painlessly turn it into garbage?” This is actually a fairly simple task for C programmers who do not use the GNU C library […]


Mozilla Mail to Outlook Express Import Pain

I just spent a good hour or two puzzling about how to import a bunch of Mozilla Mail into Outlook Express (don’t patronize me about using OE. For this purpose OE is a much easier solution than all the other jury-rigging I’d have to do). Sounds rather simple right? Two rather popular email clients. You […]

A really good nitch for OpenOffice (DocBook exporter)

OpenOffice has gotten a decent following.   I’ll admit it’s a pretty impressive project to take on Microsoft Office.  However, I’m not that interested in Office of any kind.  However, I have been looking into DocBook and LaTeX for documenting structured documents that I would like to write.  However, both are just formats and the toolchain […]

Want a coding project that pays? (Not that much)

SourceSupport sounds like a really neat idea.  The basic idea is that a group of people interested in a software port of X to Y or a new feature to be added vote on it.   If a coder is interested they can take the challenge and get paid by PayPal. Not sure if it will […]

Where are the Perl webmail clients?

Rant mode on. If Perl is so great for programming web applications.   Where are the high profile Open Source Webmail projects using Perl? I just spent a good couple of hours looking and found a few written in Perl but almost all of them fall under the following categories: Payware (ex. @Mail ) Haven’t been […]

DocBook versus LateX

I’ve been struggling to figure out whether to use DocBook or LaTeX. So far I still can’t make up my mind but this discussion that I saw online brought up some interesting issues with DocBook versus LateX. Link to discussion

ESR and the rally cry to fix CUPS / Open Source Usability (It’s hard… duh)

I’ve been passively reading the Eric Raymond and the online discussion from hisgriping about trying to get printing working under CUPS. Ted Leung mentions he had similar issues with configuring CUPs. I got CUPS working awhile back but I still only scratched the surface of really understanding how it works. (And I did read most […]

FreeBSD to Knoppix, Eat my Shorts (Or meet FreeSBIE)

Utterly cool. I really like Knoppix. It’s a great way to show Linux without destroying computers. But this is better since I’m a BSD person. The FreeSBIE project is proud to announce the release of FreeSBIE-1.0-i386.iso FreeSBIE is a bootable CD with the FreeBSD operating system and a collection of software to address the needs […]

Are YOUR systems secure? (Who cares about others)

A friend of mine was mentioning to me the recent “study” that mentioned Linux seems to get more attacks and that supposedly the BSDs (and OS X) were the most secure OS. After thinking about this a little bit more (5 seconds) I realized something. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Linux, Windows, Oberon 2 or […]

Joel Forums on outsourcing

Joel’s Software Forums have an interesting discussion on outsourcing with a lot of very well thought out responses on the topic. In general I agree with Joel’s assessment. If you understand your core competency DO NOT outsource that. Here’s a snippet of one post: Grisham does not have some super-secret word arranging technology that calculating […]