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Vietnam is advancing as a nation, shhyeah right

The UK news.telegraph has a story
about Miss Vietnam becoming the target of a kidnapping. The reason being
that she was about to go to England to study on a scholarship. That’s
really pathetic.

One thing that is definitely necessary to increase economic output is
a good supply of WELL EDUCATED people that can be tapped to help build
the economy. I’m glad that in Vietnam they decide that they should
hold them for hostage instead.

I’m sure most people have forgotten about Vietnam after the Vietnam war and have
a very vague notion of what Vietnam is like now. And if the topic of Vietnam
DOES come up it’s always in reference to that war in the 1970s. While it
does mark a very important part of modern Vietnamese history it is not the
only thing about Vietnam. I have reasons that I would really like Vietnam
as a country to have an economic boom like China is having. However, it seems
the current government just makes it impossible to do anything.

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