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Made in the USA

Paul Graham has another essay up. His last sets were not too bad but
this one I find has some interesting remarks regarding the general
character of America versus other countries when it comes to building

But the just-do-it model does have advantages. It seems the clear winner for
generating wealth and technical innovations (which are practically the same
thing). I think speed is the reason. It’s hard to create wealth by making a
commodity. The real value is in things that are new, and if you want to be
the first to make something, it helps to work fast.

Paul has some good incites on what makes the designs go well but I think
it also feeds back into the average consumer culture so Americans get
impatient regarding products. DYSKE happens to mention an interesting
observation on technology and how we must push forward even if we’re not
really willing just to keep ahead. You can read that here

Read Made in the USA
Read DYSKE article on technology

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