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Tales of Unemployment

is from around 2002 when the job slashing in the U.S. was at some of
its worst however I find it an interesting read on one person’s journey
to unemployment (again).

Not being in the U.S. it’s hard to judge the job market now but
it seems certain locations are doing better than others in the
hi-tech field. I’m not sure about other fields.

It does seem to me that the that the ‘have a job’ continue to hold their own.
The ‘have nots’, well, I’m not sure. Frankly, the tech bust was overall
a good thing in clearing out many people who probably were not qualified
for certain jobs. But it was also a great time to cut your teeth in the
field of hi-tech if you were so inclined. My guess is only a small
portion of those who broke into the field were able to keep with the
ground running and build up the necessary years of experience so you can
get the ‘green pass’ to other jobs. One thing is for sure, many
qualified AND unqualified people were put on the chopping block so
you have a veritable mix wandering the job market right now.

This means that the competent people will be battling for many of the same
position that unqualified people are also aiming at. And there is A LOT
of both. One problem in this game is that not everyone is
telling the truth regarding their competencies. And just to make things
even more difficult the people that have any influence in the hiring
process might not be able to distiniguish competent from incompetent even
if it’s staring then in the face. But, that is old news.
The big question is… what’s next on the hi-tech radar? And if it’s
big how do you get the experience? Wish I knew… wish I knew…

Read it yourself

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