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OMFG! My Laptop was stolen. Um.. duh?

Seems one of the creators of PHP got his nice shiny new laptop stolen at
a PHP conference in Paris:

My nice new T42p was stolen by some loser at a PHP conference in Paris. It is amazingly inconvenient to lose a laptop like this. It was from inside the conference hall and there was virtually no non-geek traffic there. If a fellow geek actually stole my laptop from a PHP conference then there is something seriously wrong with the world. You can steal my car, my money, my shoes, I don’t really care, but don’t steal my damn laptop!

While I definitely can understand being down about having your laptop
stolen. I’m afraid I don’t have THAT much sympathy if you consider that:

  • It’s a new laptop so it probably costs a few grand.
  • If you have some social status, the information on your laptop would be worth something to someone to highjack
  • Just because it is a geek conference does not mean there are no thieves
  • Just because laptops usage is becoming more common in public places, it does not mean that you can leave them lying around like pencils
  • Computing is at the heart of any techno-geek. Would you leave your heart lying on some table somewhere?
  • PHP/Perl/etc creators are not immune to theft

While I can sympathesize to some extent on the wrongness of the world of a
geek possibly swiping your laptop. It is well known that people will try
to steal anything that isn’t nailed down or under constant supervision…
especially expensive stuff.

Read Rasmus’ plight

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