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Rest in peace, unknown inventor of the MicroPC

L’année suivante le premier micro-ordinateur au monde voyait le
jour: dès 1973, le Micral N fut construit en série autour du
processeur Intel 8008 cadencé à 500 Khz (environ 50.000
instructions par secondes) avec une mémoire de 16 koctets du type
MOS (metal oxyde semiconductor).

For all of you who forgot your high school French, the big thing to pull
out of that blob of French text is the year 1973. In 1973 a quiet French
guy of Vietnamese origin helped pave the way to the microcomputer revolution.

However, sadly, I don’t thinks news really hit the shores of America so
the birth of the micro-computer is mostly thought to have originated in the
U.S. The power of advertising and belief is not something to be underestimated.

If you build it, they might come. But not in the direction you think they will.

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