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Making sure Thunderbird and Tiger use the same IMAP dir for storing sent messages

One aggravation when using Thunderbird AND together on an IMAP
account is making sure that they use the same folder for sent messages.
By default, Thunderbird wants to put it in INBOX/Sent while wants to put it in INBOX/Sent Messages. under Tiger
does not seem to let you set the particular folder for sent messages. It
only defaults to Sent Messages for IMAP.

Luckily, Thunderbird is far more configureable so it allows you set the
particular folder for sent messages. Solution: Make sure Thunderbird
points to INBOX/Sent Messages for its version of the Sent folder
or else you’ll end up having issues like I had where the sent messages
for Thunderbird and were different which caused quite a bit
of head scratching.

Quick notes for setting up Thunderbird to use the right folder

Tools -> Account Settings -> [Choose your account] -> Copies & Folders

Check When sending messages, automatically
‘Place a copy in:’

Other -> [Click on drop-down combo box and find INBOX/Sent Messages]

References:, IMAP, and Trash woes
(Didn’t work for me. Seems to be Panther only)
Setting a local IMAP archive of your mail on Tiger
(This is for setting up a local IMAP server on your machine so you can read
it from Thunderbird OR not applicable)
Details of’s IMAP implementation
(Really only talks about mail folder sizes and not THAT much detail)

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  1. Tom | March 3, 2006 at 11:13 am | Permalink

    In, you can select any folder, and go to the Mailbox menu* and choose “Use this mailbox for… Sent”.

    The same applies to changing the default folder for Trash, Drafts and Junk.

    *I think it’s the Mailbox menu, if not it’s near the bottom of one of the menus.