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The Hardware Recycling Initiative (Get Linux on your old router hardware)

The Hardware Recycling Initiative (HRI) is an open source project with the goal to port Linux (or its microcontroller clone – uClinux) into onto publicly available residential router hardware.

Small grammar fixes by me. I just read too much grammar damaged
Engrish to put up with cutting and pasting
that stuff into my own blog posts.

In spite of funky grammar, the projet looks great. I was able to dig up
information on what is
my Linksys BEFSR41C-JP router to get an idea if Linux could possible run on it.
(Seems like there might be a chance. There’s a sourceforge project for
the ARM-based system on chip here

The next question is where to get the toolchain and how to actually access
the device to do any real hacking on it.


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  1. amusingfool | May 3, 2006 at 12:06 am | Permalink

    Another important link for slightly newer routers: