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Mythtv + Mysql5 + Ubuntu Dapper = Busted

A little history…

I took another shot at getting mythtv setup again after trying it a few

years ago and lashing myself a few times trying to get the ivtv driver

patched into a mainline kernel. After a bit of work back then I got it

working but times changed and I ended up using the machine for different


Installing MythTV again…

Once again, I’ve decided to take another shot at a mythtv installation.

This time I figured I’d piggyback onto a distribution that probably had

packages for it available. My choice was Ubuntu Dapper. So I did the

simple thing and tried:

sudo apt-get install mythtv

Trying to configure MythTV

And soon I had a mythtv installation almost setup. It seems that many

of the Japanese patches have been merged into mythtv (Wow!) so I didn’t

have to crawl all over the Japanese web space to figure out how to patch

in Japanese patches to obscure_utility (TM) just to get this working.

The first time I tried populating mythtv’s database with TV listing information

I got errors siilar to:

Malformed UTF-8 character (1 byte, need 3, after start byte 0xe7) at

/usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/Date/ line 7167.

Since I’m not a perl god nor am I intimately familiar with mythtv or any

of its tools, I ended up searching on that error message and found a


on a Japanese board basically saying this would not be a major problem

with using mythtv in Japanese so I did what most people do… ignored it.

After I got the base configuration done, I realized I’d be spending a lot

of time not looking directly at this machine since it’s main job was to be

a backend recording machine rather than a frontend so I installed mythweb

to help me manage recordings:

sudo apt-get install mythweb

The Killer Problem settles in

This is where problems started coming in. After populating the TV listings

database, mythweb still failed to show ANY listings whatsoever. Needless

to say, this makes it a little hard to schedule watching anything.

After waiting a few days to see if this was just a transient problem

I still had no TV listings so I decided to search on it. What I found

basically was Mysql 5 changed a keyword ‘repeat’ to a reserved word which

OF COURSE mythtv relied on using in one of its tables. What this results

in is a non-working setup for viewing TV listings on mythtv. This problem

affects mythtv 0.18.x and the mythtv developers have basically said ‘upgrade’

if you want to fix it. However the Ubuntu Dapper packages stay steady at

0.18.x with a dependency on mysql-server which defaults to Mysql5. It seems

there are updated packages in Edgy (Why the f’ is it always in the NEXT

release rather than backported to THIS release????) but none for Dapper yet.

I hope someone backports these packages. In the meantime, I’ll try to see

if the updated packages build cleanly on Dapper for my own purposes.


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