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Reviews on the Nokia N800

Eugenia of OSNews writes a nice lengthy review on the Nokia N800. It has many improvements compared to its predecessor. Some things they got right:

  • Good Battery life (10-15 hrs standby, 3-5 hours in actual usage)
  • Faster processor
  • Great Wi-Fi reception
  • Some support for VoIP (GoogleTalk, Gizmo?)
  • Future Skype Support
  • Opera Web Browser version handles Flash now
  • Sure support for SD cards >1GB
  • Reasonable price (~$400 USD)

However there are some flaws:

  • They broke backwards compatibility with the previous N770 apps
  • Flash can’t handle Google Videos or Youtube
  • Craptastic MPEG-4 support

I have to say no Youtube and crappy MPEG-4 support for me is a dealbuster. There are a gazillion of these small devices that playback video however none of them play back ENOUGH video formats for me to be compelling. Although the N800 this time comes much closer. I guess I’ll wait for the N900 to roll about.

Other Reviews

There are other reviews floating on the net… here’s a list. I didn’t bother reading them as Eugenia’s was thorough enough to not require sifting through tons of probably useless fanboy lushing in order to find how it stacks up.

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