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Getting a ruby C extension to compile on Windows Part 2

In a previous post I mentioned how to get the Ruby C extension to compile under Windows using Visual Studio Express/Studio 2005. However, I left out an important part regarding manifests which have been part of the development process in VC++7 and above. Manifests are some XML representation of the bindings and and activation (whatever […]

Geospatial data isn’t as free as you’d hope

Was looking at The GNUStep Live CD distro a friend forwarded to me. Then noticed the following notice: There is a big problem with Position that I can’t fix. It was some mount= hs since I’ve worked at it and, when I’ve lauched it to test some change= s I’ve done in the last days, […]

Typo3, gee yet another damn OSS PHP CMS

Oh wow, I managed to cram 3 acronyms in my title. That’s sick. Anyways I was glancing at Yet-Another-CMS-Written-in-PHP. The website is very glossy and slick. Going on for pages and pages. However, here’s one thing about Open Source stuff. I spend a good chunk of time looking at OSS (and sometimes commercial) solutions. The […]

Hey Bloggers, get a grip

Oh man this is the funniest post I’ve seen in awhile. It’s a commentary on the blogosphere. So consider this my wake-up call or slap in the face to all you bloggers out there. Blogs are not going to´┐Żachieve world peace Then the author goes on to complain about ‘settle’on a syndication format already: … […]

Steve Perlstein on Offshoring

Steve Perlstein of the Washington Post throws in his 2 cents on the offshoring fun. The last paragraph is an excellent passage in my own opinion and points to a very valid point from the proponents of offshoring. All of the pro-folk found the benefits of offshoring on a sort of faith. I don’t know […]

Reading RFCs for fun (where the hell is my profit?)

Went through a couple of RFCs lately. (One of them again to review anything I might have missed). RFC 2516 PPP over Ethernet RFC 2279 UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646 The PPPoE one was just to make sure I am understanding PPPoE. TOo bad the protocol gives only the hint that you need […]

Earth to Apple, the mini iPod price sucks

I saw th eMacworld 2004 Keynote and it wasn’t that bad. Some nice improvements to iLife but the most disappointing thing is the iPod. JonBert sums it up quite nicely for me: The iPod mini is more of a question-mark. $249 for 4GB? Sure it’s smaller, and comes in different colors, but as it is […]

What is Best in Life?

“Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the Women” -Conan the Barbarian Just click on the picture for the link to the thread. It’s pretty funny if you ask me.

The cost of Web Services as a Platform?

Tim O’Reilly is definitely one guy moving the fast lane. For awhile now he’s been covering how websites such as and eBay are beginning to look more like an application rather than just a site that lets you buy books or sell stuff online. They offer many other services on top of their base services […]

Welcome to the Real World of Computing

Jeremy Zawodny talks about Hardware Failures: One of the computer industry’s dirty little secrets is hardware failure. The few of us who work in, near, or otherwise around large computer installations take this for granted. Companies like Yahoo have people on staff that spend a lot of their time dealing with failing memory, buggy motherboards, […]

Windows Standby SUCKS!!!

Okay, that really ticked me off. I got some more work done on my big document and then put the laptop on standby and walk home. When I get home and hit the power button to power back up the laptop from standby mode…. the laptop congratulates me by showing a black screen, a lit […]

Evil CEOs

Check out this Dilbert entry if you want to see an evil CEO. Sorry I can’t just link to the strip itself. That would constitute …. copyright infringement… fooey. But I’m sure you can click the link if you really want to see it.

An Open Letter to Atari, “Hey stop being so overbearing with Copy Protection”

I found this Open Letter to Atari an interesting protest to copy protection going too far? Excerpt: I just downloaded the 1.61 patch to Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark. When I attempted to play the game, I was met with an error having to do with CD Emulation software. It is true that I […]

Sheesh… talk about picky kids

A friend forwarded me this link: All I can say is… grow up.

The Irony behind Decent Blogging Tools

So far from what I’ve seen most of the free blogging tools are pretty weak. Most of them are built and designed to be exploited by the creator only. The creator then decided to make it free software since the thought is ‘hey it works for me, it might work for lots of other people’. […]