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8-bit Era Flash Movie Amusements

These are hilarious! Flash Movies with elements from the 8-bit game era and others. Here are some I found neat. Madness Combat What is the Stick Matrix? 8 Bit D&D Mario & A Thousand Bullets (Make sure to check the Alternate Ending) Paper Wars Return of Ganondorf Madness Combat 2 Madness Combat 3

More web amusements

Decided to check through all of /usr/bin/girl since I was last there. Wow, it’s amazing how many links to amusing things this girl can dig up. Well here’s a collection of ones I found amusing. Historic Tale Construction Kit The Urban Dictionary Adventure the game as a Java Applet (Yes THAT old Adventure game) Battle […]

Amusing Flash from an Art Student’s homework

/usr/bin/girl pointed me to this link. Very amusing. Check it out for yourself! Link to Flash Anim

Ken dumped by Barbie?

Okay, that’s just lame. Ken dumped by Barbie.

True Porn Clerk Stories

Stumbled across this one. It’s all writings no pictures about one lady’s tale of being a porn store clerk. Not sure if it is true or not but it definitely is an interesting read. Obligatory Passage: I don’t think there should be any shame in masturbating, but I do think there should be shame in […]

What is Best in Life?

“Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the Women” -Conan the Barbarian Just click on the picture for the link to the thread. It’s pretty funny if you ask me.

What are you learning now?

I saw a thread on ArsTechnica‘s bulletin board about What are You Learning Now.  I thought it was a neat thread and a nice break from all of the language wars, how do I…, choose a devel.  environment for me, etc threads that show up on their Programmer Section. Here’s the link:  

Evil CEOs

Check out this Dilbert entry if you want to see an evil CEO. Sorry I can’t just link to the strip itself. That would constitute …. copyright infringement… fooey. But I’m sure you can click the link if you really want to see it.

ahahahahahahahaha only in California and on the Internet

Must…. stop….. laughing…. who am I kidding.. bwahahahahahahahahaha that’s so lame! Anyways Marey… you’re chance for being Governor “Has Been Terminated”

Some elves are getting no Christmas Love

Merry Christmas to all out there from Japan. It’ll be another few more hours before the western parts of the planet get to celebrate Christmas though. On some definitey Scroogey news…. Santapark in Lapland says it’s been forced to shed full-time elf staff to save money. Link to Story

Happy IT Holidays?

You have to see it for yourself…  Click Here

Government Computer Security sucks?

The Washington Post has an article that roasts government’s Internet security. This is funny considering all the other stuff they are trying to ‘secure’. This line is hilarious: The Department of Homeland Security — the government’s lead agency on matters of Internet security — was one of seven agencies that received an F grade for […]

What is the Meatrix?

This is great!

That’s one hot Graphic Card

Gotta love it. Want a hot graphics card? Try the Flame Buffer!

The Flying Drive

I’ve seen USB flash drives in the U.S. and they’re okay. But in Japan you can get lots of cool designed ones. There is one for Gundam fans (picture pending), probably even for for Hello Kitty. However I found this one pretty neat: