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New York Times on Cel Phone Hacking

The New York Times has an article about Japanese cel companies combatting spam and viruses today. With the impending standardization of cel phone software this could prove to a nasty ground for virus writers as bascially today’s cel phones are basically computers.. just with specialized software. However, if the software becomes semi standardized then affecting […]

Job Search Dishonesty

Recently at an interview for a company I noticed that when they pulled out my resume and were using it as the standard template for what to ask me about. I noticed that all of my job titles were changed! They were interested in a UNIX Sys Admin type and it seems the recruiter I […]

Akihabara’s Linux Cafe

When I was in Akihabara a month or so back I found The Linux Cafe. No I’m not joking! I bet if you google for it you might be able to find it. But here’s some pics showing proof:

The Flying Drive

I’ve seen USB flash drives in the U.S. and they’re okay. But in Japan you can get lots of cool designed ones. There is one for Gundam fans (picture pending), probably even for for Hello Kitty. However I found this one pretty neat:

Japanese English Electronic Dictionaries Reviews

If you’re a student of Japanese at some point you’ve probably come across the need for a dictionary. In Japan, Electronic dictionaries are very very very popular. They’re small, light, have amazing battery life (none of this hours nonsense. Let’s talk about months!), and depending on the model have excellent dictionaries/thesaurus’ included in them. This […]

Apple store to open in Ginza

From Gen Kana’s Weblog some news on the Apple Story to open in Tokyo. I sent them my resume but I guess they’re not interested in an Apple Advocate working for them. Ah well 🙂 Link to story

A kitten goes for 1000 bucks in japan?

Dear gawd. How much is a cat worth??? How about go looking in the pound for all the unwanted kittens. They have those in Japan too I bet. Cripes, there’s cats all over the place where I live and I see quite a few that are too scruffy to be have a human home.

Sony to possibly cut 15k-20k jobs over 3 years

Ouch. Looks like they better not over-rely on the Playstation to pull them through or else the war against MS will not be so lopsided like it is now.

Temptation creeps into Japan

My friends find the goofiest links to send to me…. Welcome to Godiva Japan’s English Language Shopping Page ! We are pleased to present this fine assortment of Godiva products for shipment to Japan destinations only. Geek Note: Looks like the Japanese Godiva store is powered by PHP. Just look at the URL

Can Wal-Mart change Japanese retail?

There’s a neat article in Far East Review (Online article requires a subscription) about how Walmart has acquired (or at least a part of) the 5th largest retailer in Japan (Seiyu) and has started a 5 year plan to figure out how to move into Japan. However the article points out that the Japanese public […]

Don’t trust the phone company…

The phone people came today to install the phone lines. ADSL is in the works and I asked the guys about putting in a line into one of the other rooms where it would be MUCH more convenient to leave the ADSL modem when the ISP folks come however after a very long discussion (most […]

Getting Japanese running on FreeBSD

Here’s an article on getting Japanese running on FreeBSD. I’m REALLY glad the author took the time to document what he did since I find the process frustrating too. It’s bad enough that the path to UNIX tends to be unfortunately a little obscure. Even worse is when you try to multilingualize it since to […]

Konnichiwa Yokohama

Well as I eluded to in a previous post about my radio silence. Time to spill the beans to all of you readers out there (all 2 of you I bet). Packed up everything and hopped on board a plane towards Japan. Right now I’m settling into the city of Yokohama. So far my first […]

Former Sega Chairman invests heavily in technology education

Here’s an excerpt from the link: Aiming to transform the ways children live, learn, and play in the digital age, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) today announced the establishment of the Okawa Center for Future Children. �The new center is made possible through a $27 million donation from Isao Okawa, Chairman of CSK Corp. […]

Mainichi Goofiness

Seems that “Mainichi” which is a Japanese paper has some stories that are definitely a little different. This one shows one female politician mom getting into a real political brawl. This other story has an amusing story on a former porno star watching her past get re-issued against her will. Have no idea about the […]