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A little discussion on where Extensions go in Mac OS X

“Daring Fireball” has a great discussion on the relations of the following: /System/Library /Library ~/Library If you’re not a Mac User it probably won’t interest you. However, if you’re the type that is always curious about what is happening under the hood this is a good place to start poking into more on OS X […]

Finally, Rendezvous hits more platforms

Finally! Someone releases another Zeroconf aka Rendezvous for you Mac-heads library that works under Windows and Linux. This will get the ball rolling for more useful apps built on top of this technology. They even were cool enough to release the source under the BSD license. The source can be found here

Mac at Siggraph

Courtesy of ArsTechnica there’s an interesting thread on the Mac Ach about the presence of Apple at Siggraph. It goes off into some benchmark comparisons between Xeon and the G5. But has some tasty info on Renderman for the Mac. Also of note is a neat to some info on a project on Real Time […]

For those Mac Users afraid of the Command Line

Cocktail is a neat application that provides a nice GUI to many of the features most CLI-afraid users want to do but don’t want to use the Terminal for.

Cripes! WindowServer just crashed

Sheesh. The WindowServer just bit the dust on my PowerBook. That was the weirdest experience. I wonder how many other people have watched their WindowServer die on them. First, I’m typing then I see the little swirling circle at the bottom of the screen as if the computer is about to reboot. Then the screen […]