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Data center used to heat swimming pool

I love reading about these smart uses of waste byproducts I bet this might work well in Japan if it wasn’t for those pesky earthquakes. A new data center in Switzerland is being used to heat a nearby swimming pool. In what appears to be a first, the town pool in Uitikon, Switzerland will be […]

Getting erlang to build on MacPorts with an installed iPhone Open SDK

I had some serious unexpected fun trying to install erlang on my OS X box using MacPorts. In general it’s usually a no brainer you usually type sudo port install <foo> and you have a new package installed without that much fuss. However here is the partial log of trying to install erlang and it […]

Rereading a disk partition table in Linux without rebooting

Ran into a problem with trying to partition up a disk on a running system. The idea is I wanted to create a new partition on a disk with partitions already mounted and use it without rebooting. Here’s what you’ll mostly likely run into… # sudo fdisk /dev/sda … Steps for adding disk elided … […]

How to play mplayer in the desktop fullscreen on Ubuntu

I was experimenting with trying to play videos in the desktop background so I can work on other things while passively watching videos that I really didn’t want to spend 100% of my concentration on. However when I tried to use mplayers -rootwin option under Ubuntu it did not show anything. After doing some Googling […]

Some long term thoughts on using a Kohjinsha SA1F00V

Awhile back I bought a Kohjinsha SA1F00V to test it out as a lightweight Tablet PC. After a few months of usage, I can say that I’ve not been that impressed with the device but neither have I been so frustrated with the device that I felt the need to toss the thing out the […]

Fix the ‘missing key: categories: Cannot read the portsdb!’ for portupgrade

I ran into this exact problem when trying to upgrade a bunch of ports lying around on my FreeBSD system. Luckily Well-Rounded documents the fix for this. You’ll have to upgrade portupgrade manually to rebuild its database with an updated version.

Linux and the MSI-7265, the final straw

I’ve written before before on my battles with Linux and Core 2 Duos. After waiting a long time for Feisty to get closer to a release state I loaded up Feisty (after some initial install pains. The alternate install CD recognizes enough to install but the desktop version doesn’t and requires a USB CD-ROM or […]

Migrating instiki from one database type to another

The Rant Instiki is one of the premier wikis for Ruby on Rails which is another way of saying the other rails-based solutions don’t look that great so far from what I’ve seen. Here is an except from the instiki website: 1. Download 2. Run “instiki” with Ruby 1.8.4 or greater. (on windows, that’s instiki.cmd) […]

gem install mysql failing on Ubuntu fix

The problem Did you try something stupid (and expect something hopeful) like: $ sudo gem install mysql Then get something beautiful like: ERROR: While executing gem … (RuntimeError) ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. Gem files will remain installed in /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/mysql-2.7 for inspection. Welcome to getting bit by the policy of the Debian packaging […]

Correction on Viewing Microsoft Compiled Help Files on OS X (You don’t need X11)

Ted Leung was kind enough to point out to me on an earlier post I made on viewing CHM files on OS X. YOU DO NOT NEED X11 to view CHM files. xchm uses wxWindows as its backend which has a native OS X port. Definite bonus in my book! My Old incorrect post Ted’s […]

Viewing Microsoft Compiled HTML Files (CHM) in OS X

Ted Leung describes how he built xchm which is a X11 app that lets you view Microsoft Compiled Help Files (CHM). THis is really handy although needing X11 is a semi bummer but a liveable one Obligatory Excerpt: I got xchm to build on Mac OS X. This is an open source view for compiled […]

Getting 802.11g working on older PowerBooks preview

I got 802.11g working on an older PowerBook (NOT with an Airport Extreme card but a normal CardBus one). I’ll document more of my the experiences I had with going with what I thought ‘would just work’ in a later blog.

Public Patent Foundation

Got this link from Ted Leung’s weblog. This sounds like a great idea worth helping out in whatever small ways one can. Obligatory excerpt: Wrongly issued patents injure the public because they can be used by private actors to preclude activity that would otherwise be permissible, if not desirable. This causes prices for goods to […]

Fiber to the People

Slashdot carried this story and I was very curious to read it. My thoughts are that if you want more awareness on putting REAL broadband to people in the states the government right now is not the place to look. Maybe in 5-10 years they’ll see this as a perception problem. But for now I […]