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The Rails Horde at RailsConf 2008

Egads… so… many… Rails… zombies

Animoto riding the EC2 wave

Animoto sounds like an interesting service. Take some photos (and videos?) and some music or choose some already available and they remix it into a music video automatically. Don’t like the mix? Hit retry. Cool stuff… Here’s a juicy quote from their blog post on Jeff Bozos talking about them: This is about 50 EC2 […]

Volcanic Eruption in Chile

Wow… thanks John

Yapc Asia 2008 Day 1 Notes

Okay first day at YAPC… Missed most of the opening speeches and Larry Wall’s Keynote.. d’oh. Then again trying to handle the incoming rush of attendees was quite the experience. I’d say jumbled is a good word for how we handled it but at least it got handled. It’s pretty hard handling the Japanese Incoming […]

YAPC Asia 2008 RejectConf Notes

I’m at YAPC Asia this year working as a volunteer. It’s interesting mingling with the Perl folk especially since I’m not a Perl person but am curious to know more about the Perl community. Anyways here are my scribbling notes that I’ve taken SoozyConf This is the nickname for Perl’s RejectConf Should bother to look […]

Programming languages for your WinCE device

I got this WinCE device that I’ve been trying to wrangle into a nice cozy environment to do useful things so the first thing I started looking at was the availability of development tools that I can use directly on the device. In general, I prefer Ruby however I’m not wedded to it since I’d […]

Systems monitoring is continuous integration

The League of Professional Sys Admins (I always want to say Extraordinary Gentlemen but who would classify a sys admin as a gentleman?) has an interesting post on comparing systems monitoring to continuous integration The concept of using monitoring as a continuous testing service to validate your changes against the environment in order to reduce […]

OpenMac, yes, me wants one

From their website OpenMac: The Smart Alternative to an Apple The Psystar OpenMac works just like an Apple Macintosh Yes, very desirable. However, we’ll see if Apple lets them continue with it… Hope they don’t get sued out of existence

Data center used to heat swimming pool

I love reading about these smart uses of waste byproducts I bet this might work well in Japan if it wasn’t for those pesky earthquakes. A new data center in Switzerland is being used to heat a nearby swimming pool. In what appears to be a first, the town pool in Uitikon, Switzerland will be […]

The difference between information, knowledge, and wisdom

Well worth the read.. Well, read it already!

Daring Furball, i can haz flamin cheezburger

while lukingz 4 moar informashun on distributd scms (again) i findz post by dave dribin bout y he chose mercurial 4 hims needz. but even moar awsum iz hims darin furball. far 2 awsum. let teh semantic web has cheezburgers, man. Daring Furball Lolspeak translator

‘Where everyone goes’ explains their outage

Software Maniacs has a great blog post explaining what went wrong with one of their Django deployments. In the end it wasn’t exactly Django but a mix of how a particular table for the backend database (MySQL) was being abused by the web application (the sessions table. Here’s a snippet: In general Django’s sessions are […]

How to play mplayer in the desktop fullscreen on Ubuntu

I was experimenting with trying to play videos in the desktop background so I can work on other things while passively watching videos that I really didn’t want to spend 100% of my concentration on. However when I tried to use mplayers -rootwin option under Ubuntu it did not show anything. After doing some Googling […]

One reason I’m glad I don’t own an OLPC

Hackzine has a blog post on using a SD card as swap space for the OLPC to handle the following situation: Most of the time, the 256MB in the XO Laptop is sufficient. But I use yum to install software, and it can be very memory hungry. I often run out of RAM when installing […]

Peanuts, the Anime version

Peppermint Patty never looked so good…