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DistroWatch reviews the current state of OpenSolaris on the desktop

DistroWatch has a very good article summarizing the state of running OpenSolaris on the desktop at the moment. Personally, I’m interested in Solaris technology seeing more widespread usage although am not a gigantic follower at the moment. For me the most interesting part was their discussion on what is happening with Nexenta, a project to […]

git is the next UNIX

Avery Pennaru posted a blog entry on git is the next UNIX where he hypothesizes that: git is a totally new way to operate on data… Git was originally not a version control system; it was designed to be the infrastructure so that someone else could build one on top… Git is a platform… Much […]

Finally a gem release of ruby-opengl

Just wanted to let folks know that I’ve finally figured out how to get the build system in place for ruby-opengl to: Gemify itself Build native extensions during Gem installation using mkrf Which means (I hope) that there should be an easier way to get OpenGL working with Ruby. Currently it should support installing in […]

Wireless drivers and Open Source

The Jem report has a great article describing the intracies and difficulties in why wireless drivers suck under Linux/FreeBSD and most other Free operating systems out there. A choice quote from an Atmel representative is extremely enlightening on why some companies are far more open to OSS drivers: You’ve only got three real chances for […]

Typo3, gee yet another damn OSS PHP CMS

Oh wow, I managed to cram 3 acronyms in my title. That’s sick. Anyways I was glancing at Yet-Another-CMS-Written-in-PHP. The website is very glossy and slick. Going on for pages and pages. However, here’s one thing about Open Source stuff. I spend a good chunk of time looking at OSS (and sometimes commercial) solutions. The […]

Computer Internationalization Overview

Debian has a wonderful Overview on Internationalization. You can buy many books however if you’re poor and are looking for decent technical manuals on different subjects the Debian project and FreeBSD project tend to have some pretty good material on more aspects than just the Operating System. Of course it might require some sniffing around […]

You’ve been quiet, what the heck are you doing?

Yep, been not blogging for awhile I see. But I’m still here. I’ve just been focusing on other things besides my blog. When I get around to it I might post up what I’ve been up to all these weeks. In the meantime here’s some stuff I’ve been looking at on the web: Profile of […]

GCC has got competition?

When it comes to Open Source development GCC is the king in the compiler area (unless you work with some other language…. and even then…). Awhile ago I found lcc however it’s license is restritive if you want to develop commercial software. This I think has prevented its wider adoption. However, once of the places […]

Interview with Cory Doctorow

This is a little old but I think it’s worth a read. O’ReillyNet interviews Cory Doctorow. I found this quote rather poignant and to the point: But one thing you discover in the technology world, especially in free software, is that being a good programmer and being a good person are not necessarily correlated, or […]

Finding Bruce Peren’s Open Source Series Books for Download

One of the really generous things Bruce Perens is doing isoffering his name on a set of books on various Open Source topics andmaking sure those books are available under an Open Publication Licensewhich allows anyone to download the sources or something like a PDF. One of the really annoying things is that finding a […]

Public Patent Foundation

Got this link from Ted Leung’s weblog. This sounds like a great idea worth helping out in whatever small ways one can. Obligatory excerpt: Wrongly issued patents injure the public because they can be used by private actors to preclude activity that would otherwise be permissible, if not desirable. This causes prices for goods to […]

Giving Free Software CDs to Libraries

Now this is a really good idea. How about giving libraries CDs full of free software for them to loan out? This article goes into more and also some of the difficulties involved. Obligatory excerpt: The first reaction from the open source community is usually “Great, I’ll burn a whole set of CDs and donate […]

Copy Protection robs the Future

Dan Bricklin posts in a much more eloquent manner than I could on what is wrong with copy protection. The second excerpt in the quote below really drives the idea home. How are these works passed down through the generations? It usually isn’t the direct result of the efforts of the original creator. Other people […]