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Getting Java JMX to work through firewalls properly

So I read some articles ( [1], [2], [3]) on a really nice piece of technology called Java Management Extensions (JMX) that allows you to: Watch memory usage of a Java JVM in real time Allows this to be done remotely as well as locally Offers a very nice GUI called JConsole Allows you run […]

Installing Eclipse Plugins as a normal user on Linux

I’m trying to get the hang of Eclipse and I always seem to find myself getting annoyed with all the documentation I find for newbies. My goal is the following: Install an Eclipse plugin under Linux Sounds simple, right? Well here are some my system configuration settings that I feel are relevant: I’m running Ubuntu […]

An article on the 3D web

This article is already a week old and probably has been slashdotted, digged, and whatever other verbs comprise the act of many people hitting some news site and all of them simultaneously pummeling the original story site. The small gathering of invitees (of which I’m never one) get together and talk about the paths one […]

Getting postfix to log properly in Gentoo

I’ve been using Gentoo a bit lately and one thing that is nice is the portage system which tends to configure your systems rather sanely but there always needs to be tweaks… If you install postfix and are using syslog-ng which is the default syslogging tool for Gentoo. You’ll notice all of your postfix messages […]

Ubuntu apt-get GPG annoyances

Seeing something like this when trying to update your Ubuntu box? # sudo apt-get update W: GPG error: breezy-updates Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems It is probably related to the following: Synaptic GPG Error Apt-get […]

The Hardware Recycling Initiative (Get Linux on your old router hardware)

The Hardware Recycling Initiative (HRI) is an open source project with the goal to port Linux (or its microcontroller clone – uClinux) into onto publicly available residential router hardware. Small grammar fixes by me. I just read too much grammar damaged Engrish to put up with cutting and pasting that stuff into my own blog […]

THis is why I hate Japanese Drivers

Read more here Basically it says their printer drivers only support OS X 10.2 and 10.3 but can’t be bothered to support Tiger. This announcement was back in 2005. It is now the middle of 2006 with no drivers showing up in site. And just for note, the drivers don’t work properly under Tiger. Double-sided […]

How NOT to design an embedded NTP Client

A number of D-Link products, so far I have at least identified DI-604, DI-614+, DI-624, DI-754, DI-764, DI-774, DI-784, VDI604 and VDI624, contain a list of NTP servers in their firmware and using some sort of algorithm, they pick one and send packets to it. … The correct way, as I have pointed out to […]

Try a lighter desktop on your Ubuntu install

How to get Fluxbox on your Ubuntu install Summary: Current Ubuntu has an ‘ancient’ (Read: I MUST HAVE LATEST AND GREATEST) version of fluxbox You need to install some extra tools (build-essential checkinstall xlibs-dev) for this howto. Checkinstall looks very useful for people who install from source then realize they need to erase it. Do […]

Linux aggravation #22351213123. Fake ext3 corruption?

Try dealing with a problem like this. And if you’re wondering. Yes it IS happening to me. And it really is frustrating trying to do anything when you’re drive goes bonkers.

Migrating a Thunderbird Profile from Windows XP to Linux

I decided to move my emailing activities from XP to Linux for *mumble mumble* reasons. I thought it would be a rather simple operation of dump the data files in the right place and be done with it but there are some small things to keep in mind when doing the move. Here’s my diary […]

A most excellent presentation on projections

Happy New Year’s and all that. To kick off the New Year’s I give you a link from Remote Sensing about map projections. This is a very nice overview of map projections with excellent pictures to illustrate many of the jargon terms that people in the GIS and geopgraphy field toss around. I can finally […]

Harry Potter and the Porcelain Doll

Got this link from Bokane. Seems that Chinese fans get a kick out of writing fanfiction novels of Harry coming to China and experiencing the far east. One particular version has been selling rather well in China it seems. Check the link for more info. Read more

A Chinese dialect version of Jingle Bells

John over at SinoSplice dug up a really interesting Chinese version of Jingle Bells. The problem is WHAT particular dialect of Chinese is it? Some folks were thinking it was Vietnamese since it was not Cantonese (and definitely not Mandarin) but I’m sure it’s NOT Vietnamese so that leaves the piles of dialects of China […]