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Some intereting articles on linguistics

The first one is interesting since it points out a not so well known linguist but seems like a competent guy. But then again most academics tend to remain in obscurity except for a very few. The second article I’m completely skeptical about. Article 1: How many Linguists can you name? Article 2: Writing as […]

Mega Burger

Aren’t you getting hungry?

Too much computing == poor learning?

According to a report dug up by the Christian Science Monitor it says so. And too much candy is bad for your tummy too. Read it here

The $100 PC, too bad you still can’t afford it

If you have been following the tech news. Steve Ballmer of Microsoft issued a challenge to the computer industry that the world NEEDS a $100 PC to help cut down on piracy in emerging countries. While there’s plenty of opinions on this. My one word stance on the matter is skeptical. A company has stepped […]

OMFG! My Laptop was stolen. Um.. duh?

Seems one of the creators of PHP got his nice shiny new laptop stolen at a PHP conference in Paris: My nice new T42p was stolen by some loser at a PHP conference in Paris. It is amazingly inconvenient to lose a laptop like this. It was from inside the conference hall and there was […]

Merry X-mas Foxtrot Style

Today’s Foxtrot is very cute. It took me a little bit to figure out but it’s worth brushing up your physics for it. It doesn’t take that much physics really. Read it yourself

How to test if you’re American

Found an online test to see if you’re American. I pretty much hit most of the marks…. well duh. However there’s one that sounds like it was written by someone who can only see black and white: Between “black” and “white” there are no other races. Someone with one black and one white parent looks […]

Some interesting differences between the Japanese and English version of Windows

I was following a discussion on the Squeak Mailing List and found this interesting discussion regarding the differences in text encoding of keyboard input and the clipboard for the Japanese and English version of Windows: J.S. posts his initial problem … thank you for replying. Perhaps I should have just asked if there was a […]

I want the Transformer option for my car, please

Well, I know what option I want on my next car. Wouldn’t you?

Stuffed Cocaine Squid

Seems authorities nabbed a giant squid stuffed with approximately 700 kg of cocaine on its way to Mexico and the U.S. from Peru. Street value is about $17.5 million That’s one way to try to sneak in something. Seems also that Peru is one of the leading producers of cocaine in the world as well. […]

Tales of Unemployment

This is from around 2002 when the job slashing in the U.S. was at some of its worst however I find it an interesting read on one person’s journey to unemployment (again). Not being in the U.S. it’s hard to judge the job market now but it seems certain locations are doing better than others […]

Some Croquet News

Being into 3D and all that, I also follow the Open Croquet project. I need to be more productive one of these days rather than passively observing. Anyways here’s some really interesting news from one of the Croqueteers: I have decided to write the Wicket editor in Python. There are a number of good reasons […]

Blender 3D Conference 2004 Videos

I’ve been slowly getting into 3-D. One of the coolest FREE tools I’ve found is Blender however like any 3d artistic tool it’s not exactly simple to learn. But having a free version available is definitely nice. I also try to follow what the Blender community does once in awhile. Every year there is a […]

A mini review of Howl’s Moving Castle

I just went to see Howl’s Moving Castle in theaters in Japan now. Being a Studio Ghibli fan it was a must see in the theaters for me. I will try to avoid any spoilers since I don’t believe in ruining the fun beforehand. That’s like giving away The Sixth Sense. First off, if you […]

Made in the USA

Paul Graham has another essay up. His last sets were not too bad but this one I find has some interesting remarks regarding the general character of America versus other countries when it comes to building products: But the just-do-it model does have advantages. It seems the clear winner for generating wealth and technical innovations […]