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Reviews on the Nokia N800

Eugenia of OSNews writes a nice lengthy review on the Nokia N800. It has many improvements compared to its predecessor. Some things they got right: Good Battery life (10-15 hrs standby, 3-5 hours in actual usage) Faster processor Great Wi-Fi reception Some support for VoIP (GoogleTalk, Gizmo?) Future Skype Support Opera Web Browser version handles […]

Linux and the MSI-7265 Motherboard

In an earlier post I wrote about the pains of Core 2 Duo motherboards and Linux support. Since September, there has been quite a bit of progress in the Linux community to support the JMicron SATA/PATA controller that is on the Intel P965 based motherboards. However, I’ve found that things are STILL not all rosy […]

Wireless drivers and Open Source

The Jem report has a great article describing the intracies and difficulties in why wireless drivers suck under Linux/FreeBSD and most other Free operating systems out there. A choice quote from an Atmel representative is extremely enlightening on why some companies are far more open to OSS drivers: You’ve only got three real chances for […]

The Free Software Foundation and Dogfood

Found this via LWN: By performing a simple Netcraft check, we can see the FSF servers running what GNU/Linux distro? Debian, of course! If the concept hasn’t violated your cortex just yet, I must remind you of this double standard of distribution selection. I spoke with Richard Stallman about this. He didn’t seem to be […]

Getting a remote instance of Firefox running with a local instance

I needed to access some web-based interface on a machine that was accessible only through an isolated network. Luckily, X11 display forwarding makes this a trivial job. However, Firefox isn’t giving me any love. Normally, you would try to do something below to start a X11 forwarded session via ssh between a machine named client1 […]

The need for an OSS Second Life?

There’s a Linux Journal (LJ) blog post on the need for an Open Source Second Life implementation. Their main reasons are: Enough of a user base now that open sourcing the client’s won’t mean much Their revenue stream derives from buying virtual property in the Second Life metaverse While they are valid points, the main […]

Linux powered Mp3 player

About time… Got to wait until Feb 2007 to get your hands on one though. Hope it doesn’t cost too much

Chumby, an open hardware flash player

Lots of discussion on Chumby has been happening ( here, here, here and here). A couple of points on Chumby are: An open source hardware flash player Schematics completely open Runs Linux The hacker that wrote Hacking the Xbox is one of the leads behind this Lots of O’Reilly alpha geeks seem utterly into this […]

Fixing ‘mkmf’ load error Ruby in Ubuntu

If you’re a Debian or Ubuntu user you’ll find that the Ruby standard distribution is split into lots of little packages so doing something like apt-get install ruby only gives you the ruby binary and a subset of the libraries for Ruby. You’ll need to add more packages if you want to utilize more of […]

Core 2 Duo Motherboards and Linux instability fun

I built myself a Core 2 Duo system recently with the hopes of running a much faster Linux setup than my old Athlon setup. However, what I ran fast into were compatibility issues. It seems that the JMicron chipset which is present in the MSI P965 Neo motherboard that I own is the culprit of […]

Computer Internationalization Overview

Debian has a wonderful Overview on Internationalization. You can buy many books however if you’re poor and are looking for decent technical manuals on different subjects the Debian project and FreeBSD project tend to have some pretty good material on more aspects than just the Operating System. Of course it might require some sniffing around […]

You’ve been quiet, what the heck are you doing?

Yep, been not blogging for awhile I see. But I’m still here. I’ve just been focusing on other things besides my blog. When I get around to it I might post up what I’ve been up to all these weeks. In the meantime here’s some stuff I’ve been looking at on the web: Profile of […]

Some OS X Panther CLI Goodies

Seems Panther keeps surprising me (or I just don’t check the CLI commands enough) but it seems that the Net SNMP Libraries are included with Panther along with Netcat. These are powerful network utilities I use a lot in UNIX land. I’m glad they’ve been included in Panther (perhaps earlier? Anyone know?). As with all […]

D’oh Debian main servers broken into

Ouch. But at least they’re willing to admit when there’s a problem. When you get high profile it’s not that easy to admit wrongdoing. Some Debian Project machines have been compromised This is a very unfortunate incident to report about. Some Debian servers were found to have been compromised in the last 24 hours. The […]

Akihabara’s Linux Cafe

When I was in Akihabara a month or so back I found The Linux Cafe. No I’m not joking! I bet if you google for it you might be able to find it. But here’s some pics showing proof: