Some people might think it obvious that companies that have something to do with weddings (or fashion, or beauty products for that matter) attract female work force and are often founded and headed by a woman as well. But if someone would have told me two years ago that I would work for a company, yet found one which “non-technical” products and services target primarily women, I would have laughed straight out.

I have been a “tech girl” for as long as I can think of. Having entrepreneurial roots with family members in the automotive and broader transportation & mobility field I developed a kind interest in innovation and everything that had to do with developing products and working together with R&D people to explore innovation and new markets. By the end of my Business studies in a dual degree program that also included a degree in Technology Management, I was enthusiastic about digital technologies for healthcare and on the lookout for a venture idea that would change the world by enabling better quality of care while decreasing healthcare cost.

And then, by total chance, I came across a “honeymoon registry”. Unfortunately I don’t remember which one it was, but it must have been one of the larger US services.

I love to travel and I had an eye on internet-entrepreneurship for a while then, but I wanted to do something new and innovative and the product developer in me refused to do anything that would depend on advertising income. I wanted to create a good product people would value and would be willing to pay for. And there it was – a great idea, not perfectly executed, but expandable and just perfect for the travel enthusiastic German market.

So I started to do research on digital services for travelers and on niche travel portals focused around a clear travel profile. I looked into things that would go beyond user generated content and hotel reviews. And the more I saw (or did not see) the more I liked the idea of creating a new kind of travel site for the German market.

honeywish is the result of this. I envisioned a “targeted meta-travel-portal” as I call it with a wedding registry where a traveler looking to spend romantic days with his new spouse would find everything from the pampering honeymoon package of a six-star hotel on the Seychelles, to an adventurous trip though Central America with one-of-a-kind romantic highlights, to a budget holiday in a romantic small village in Italy. honeywish would hand pick hotels and tour operators, present everything with the needs of the honeymoon traveler in mind and enables the user to upload the desired trip into a personal, adaptable honeymoon registry with just a few clicks.

While the honeywish team works hard to realize this vision, not only for German honeymooners, but for romantic travel enthusiasts globally, I am pretty happy with my decision to start something on my own although life as an internet entrepreneur can be pretty strange at times.

For your amusement, I will write about the odd and curious side of the internet business and my experience as a female internet entrepreneur.

PS: I beg your pardon, but I will write some articles in German, too, so my grandmother has something to read here as well.

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One Response to “Why starting an online wedding venture?”

  1. michael Says:

    Hopefully your business will be success…

    Waiting for next story. 🙂