Friday, March 12th, 2010...4:06 pm

Ward Collection featured “Treasure” in Harvard Magazine

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The Harvard Theatre Collection, part of Houghton Library, has been enriched in thousands of ways by the collecting zeal of William Powell Mason Professor of Music Emeritus John M. Ward and the late Ruth Neils Ward.  Professor Ward is developing collections which reflect the uses of music in opera, ballet and social dance;  his collection are used regularly by researchers in these fields and by Harvard students who can take an individual item in the collection and use it as the point of entry into this fascinating world.  The March-April 2010 issue of Harvard Magazine has chosen Paine of Almack’s Quadrilles from the Ward Collection as its latest Treasure from Harvard University collections.

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  • I was so pleased to see this article & have some solid information about these dance cards as I had a very similar set of them I had been desperately researching. Apparently, such sets are very rare. I always wondered what the holes were for! I am so amazed that there was not a 19th C. English romance movie which included the use of these as a prominent feature as it would play so well into something such as Pride & Prejudice including perhaps making fun of those who required them.

    If anyone reading this page has any interest in seeing another set by a different printer but around the same time, the website I linked shows them. Thanks much for posting this.