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New on OASIS in November

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Community Chautauqua, Katonah, N.Y., 1921; MS Thr 625 (27)Finding aids for six newly cataloged collections have been added to the OASIS database this month, including papers from Tropic of Cancer author Henry Miller, and a collection of memorabilia from a troupe of vaudevillians.

Cataloged by Michael Austin:

Wladimir Eliasberg Manuscripts for Plain People Write (MS Ger 86)

Cataloged by Suzanne Denison:

David Campton Papers (MS Thr 618)

Henry Miller Papers (MS Am 2703)

Cataloged by Suzanne Denison and Bonnie B. Salt:

Will Rapport Papers (MS Thr 612)

Cataloged by Bonnie B. Salt:

Richard Wynne Keene Pantomime Costume Designs (MS Thr 604)

Emery Family Vaudeville Collection (MS Thr 625)

Jay Emery and Co. letterhead, MS Thr 625 (12)

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