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New on OASIS in September

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Brook Farm. MS Am 2740 (63)Finding aids for 14 newly cataloged collections, and preliminary box lists for two recent acquisitions, have been added to the OASIS database this month, including drawings by Edward Lear and papers of the utopian Transcendentalist community Brook Farm.

Processed by Michael Austin:

Hugo Münsterberg Letters to George Sylvester Viereck, 1904-1916 (MS Ger 299)
Processed by Monique Duhaime and Melanie Wisner:

Booksellers’ Catalogues Published in the United States and Europe, 2002-2010 (2011SC-1)
Processed by Caroline Duroselle-Melish and Bonnie B. Salt:

Edward Lear Sketches of Parrots Relating to Illustrations of the Family of Psittacidae, or Parrots (1832), ca. 1830 (MS Typ 55.9)
Processed by Alison Harris:

Souvenir Programs for Theatrical Productions, 1906-2005 (MS Thr 701)

Programs for Productions of Shakespeare, 1878-1981 (MS Thr 706)
Processed by Ashley M. Nary:

Jerome Kern Sheet Music, 1904-1946 (MS Thr 703)

Irving Berlin Sheet Music, 1909-1957 (MS Thr 704)

Cole Porter Sheet Music, 1919-1956 (MS Thr 705)

George Gershwin Sheet Music, 1918-1946 (MS Thr 707)

John Philip Sousa Sheet Music, 1879-1927 (MS Thr 708)
Processed by Bonnie B. Salt:

John Thomas Codman Brook Farm Collection, 1840-1901 (MS Am 2740)

Brook Farm. MS Am 2740 (63)

Edward Lear Drawings of Animals and Birds, ca. 1831-1836 (MS Typ 55.12)

Edward Lear Drawings of Landscapes, Animals, and Birds, ca. 1849-1855 (MS Typ 55.13)
Processed by Susan Wyssen:

Charles Geoffroy-Dechaume Correspondence, 1907-1960 (MS Eng 1675)
PRELIMINARY BOX LISTS created by Bonnie Salt:

Suzanne La Follette Records from the Commission of Inquiry into the Charges Made Against Leon Trotsky in the Moscow Trials (72M-105)
PRELIMINARY BOX LISTS created by Melanie Wisner:

Rebecca Newth Material on New Directions Publishing Corp., ca. 1940-1997 (MS Am 2749)

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