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Recently Digitized Works

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More recently digitized items at Houghton include “whimsical exuberances too tedious to mention” (…like the satirical broadside from which that line comes…), stunningly colored Dürer woodcuts, letters and postcards from Marina Tsvetaeva, a letter from Rembrant, the Olney hymns manuscript,  an 18th century Italian work on fortifications with illustrations by Prince Raimondo di Sangro Sansevero, costume designs, music, plays and more from many corners of the globe.

Typ Inc 2121A, p.29

Bertall, 1820-1882. Les omnibus; pérégrinations burlesques à travers tous chemins, par MM. Bertal [!] et Léfix, ornées d’illustrations nombreuses et variées, par M. Bertal [!]. Stations, chez tous les libraires [Paris, Ildefonse Rousset, 1843.] Typ 815.43.2040 no.7.

Typ 815.43.2040 no.7, fig. 904

Le salon de 1843.


Costume designs for the ballet Benvenuto Cellini. Between 1859 and 1867? TS 239.318.68.

TS 239.318.68, no.27

24  drawings in watercolor and ink of costumes, presumably for a production at the Teatro comunale.


Dürer, Albrecht, 1471-1528. Apocalipsis cu[m] figuris. [Nuremberg : Albrecht Dürer, 1498]. Typ Inc 2121A.

Typ Inc 2121A, p.5

25 stunning full-page woodcuts by Dürer, believed to have been uniquely colored to his own specifications.


Koslovsky, J. (Joseph), 1757-1831. Six polonoise trois menuets et six contredanses pour le clavecin ou fortepiano … Á St. Petersbourg : Chez F.A. Dittmar … rue grande Morskaia no. 117, [179-?]. 2008TW-520. Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

Russian dance music score for keyboard instrument, with one song for high voice and keyboard instrument.


Kozeluch, Leopold, 1747-1818. Musica del ballo intitolato La ritrovata figlia di Ottone II … London : Printed by Lavenu & Mitchell, music sellers to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, at their new musical circulating library, No. 29 New Bond Street, [ca. 1802]. HTC-LC M1523.K73 R5 1802.

Piano score from the Ruth Neils and John Milton Ward Collection.


Leconte de Lisle, 1818-1894. Les érinnyes : tragédie antique en deux parties, en vers, 1873. MS Fr 256.

MS Fr 256, p.52

Page proofs with extensive autograph manuscript revisions and corrections.  Includes a drawing in ink by the author.


Miller, John F. A refutation of the slander and falsehood contained in a pamphlet, entitled Sally Miller, with the entire evidence in the case of Sally Miller vs. L. Belmonti & al. on which the Supreme Court decided she was entitled to her freedom, by John F. Miller, called in warranty in the above suit. New Orleans, 1845. US 5261.96.

In which Miller addresses, with the assistance of numerous exclamation marks and parentheticals, claims made against his character in the trial that won Sally Miller (Salomé Müller) her freedom from slavery.


Newton, John, 1725-1807. Olney hymns : manuscript, 1777-1779. MS Eng 1317.

MS Eng 1317, epigraph

Popular 18th century hymns written for use in Newton’s rural Buckinghamshire parish.


Paine, Thomas, 1737-1809. Reflecciones políticas escritas baxo el titulo de Instinto comun; traducidas abreviadamente por Ancelmo Nateiu, indígena del Perú. Londrés, Imprevo por quenta desu mismo traductor, 1811. US 4555.872.125.

Spanish translation of Paine’s Common Sense.


Quarteroni, Domenico. Trattato della fortificazione / composto dal Sig. Dottore Domenico Quarteroni Lettore nella Sapienza di Roma ; con le figure delineate da D. Raimondo Di Sangro Ppe. di S. Severo svo scolare : manuscript, 1728. MS Typ 255.

MS Typ 255, f.77v and f.78r

A beautiful 18th century Italian manuscript work on fortifications with illustrations by Prince Raimondo di Sangro Sansevero.


Ramberti, Benedetto, 1503-1546. Libri tre delle cose de Tvrchi. Nel primo il uiaggio da Venetia à Costantinopoli, con gli nomi de luoghi antichi & moderni: nel secondo la Porta, cioe la corte de soltan Soleymano, signor de Turchi: nel terzo il modo del reggere il stato & imperio suo. [Venice, 1539].

IC5 R1431 539ℓ, ai, Aldine device

An Aldine Press work on Turkey and Suleiman I.


Rembrandt Hermanszoon van Rijn, 1606-1669. A.L.s. to [] Huijghes; [n.p.,n.d.] 1s.(2p.) in. Locker-Lampson, Warburg, Grimson autograph album, 1552-1890. MS Eng 870 (14) 

MS Eng 870 (14)

Autograph letter signed by Rembrandt.


Säfström, August. Mitt andra jag : vådevill i 2 akter / fritt bearbetad ifrån Böghs danska original af Aug. Säfström. Stockholm : A. Bonniers Förlag, 1856. 80-1071 [No. 1].

A two-act play in Swedish adapted from the original Danish.


Swan, Brewer, and Tileston. A comparison of Worcester’s and Webster’s quarto dictionaries. Also, specimen pages of Worcester’s dictionary, recommendations and reviews. Boston, etc. Swan, Brewer, and Tileston [1860]. 9242.31.

Buy it… “Because it contains copious pronouncing vocabularies of Geographical and Proper Names… Because it contains elaborate, intelligible, and practical treaties on the Origin, Formation, and Etymology of the English Language… Because all the subjects included in its various departments are treated with good faith and strict impartiality towards all men and all sects.”


T︠S︡vetaeva, Marina, 1892-1941. Marina Tsvetaeva letters to Boris Ottokar Unbegaun, 1935-1938.

MS Russ 107 (19), postcard recto

Personal letters from Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva to Russian linguist, Boris Unbegaun and his wife, Elena. Also includes photographs and drawings by Tsvetaeva’s children.


Wilson, James C., 1818-1861. Address on the occasion of removing the remains of Captains Walker and Gillespie on the twenty-first of April, A.D. 1856 / by James C. Wilson, published by a committee of citizens. [San Antonio, TX] : Printed at the office of the San Antonio ledger [1856]. US 22653.5.

An address in remembrance of the Texas rangers killed during the Mexican-American war.


Wonderful exhibition !!! Signor Gulielmo Pittachio, the sublime wonder of the world!!! condescends to inform the public at large, and his friends in particular, that he has now opened his grand hall of exhibitions at Westminster … Copied from the Courier, Friday, Nov. 28, 1794. Sold by all newscarriers. Published : [London, 1794?]  EB75 A100 794wb

EB75 A100 794wb

A broadside satire on William Pitt the younger which describes the “Heaven-Born conjuror” and his “Slight-of-hand Performances and Whimsical exuberances too tedious to mention.”


Zingarelli, Niccolò Antonio, 1752-1837.

A variety of vocal scores excerpted from the opera Romeo e Giulietta.


Post contributed by Emilie Hardman, Metadata and Reference Assistant.

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