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New on OASIS in September

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Siège de Paris photograph albums. Ruines du Château de St. Cloud et ses environs après le siège, 1971. MS Fr 591 v.2Finding aids for 18 newly cataloged collections, and a preliminary box list for one recent acquisition, have been added to the OASIS database this month, including photographs of the Siege of Paris, original cartoons by Thomas Nast, and sheet music from TV shows.

Processed by Alison Harris:
Sheet Music for Popular Songs, 1875-1986 (MS Thr 879)

Souvenir Programs of Ethnic Dance Companies, 1938-1972 (MS Thr 884)

Souvenir Programs of Ballet Companies, 1933-2006 (MS Thr 885)
Processed by Ashley M. Nary:
Sheet Music Arranged by Topic, 1836-1984 (MS Thr 877)

Souvenir Programs of French Ballet Companies, 1946-1961 (MS Thr 881)

Sheet Music Featuring Ziegfeld Follies and Other Related Productions, 1907-1945 (MS Thr 882)

Illustrated Sheet Music, 1839-1948 (MS Thr 883)

Sheet Music Featuring Television Programs, 1950-1990 (MS Thr 890)
Processed by Bonnie B. Salt:
Thomas Wolfe Additional Papers, 1906-1981 (MS Am 2815)

Thomas Nast Drawings and Other Papers, 1862-1896 (MS Typ 1151)

William B. Osgood Field Collection of Prints, 1756-1942 (MS Am 2818)

Siège de Paris Photograph Albums, 1870-1871 (MS Fr 591)

Commune de Paris (France : 1871) Photograph Albums, 1871 (MS Fr 592)

Kahlil Gibran Drawings, 1902-1904 (MS Arab 440)

Artcraft Lithograph & Printing Company Theatrical Posters, 1905-1970 (MS Thr 889)

Ticknor and Fields Designs for Publications,1882-1887 (MS Am 2822)

Ramberger and Herzog Family Birth Certificates, 1789-1888 (MS Am 2824)
Processed by Bonnie B. Salt and Melanie Wisner:
Casper Citron Collection of Theater Programs, 1970-2001 (Casper Citron Collection)
PRELIMINARY BOX LIST, created by Melanie Wisner:
Phoebe Jane Easton Research Collection on Marbled Paper, ca. 1800-2003 (MS Typ 1155)

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