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New on OASIS in March

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Mr. Wallack as Khuleborn, Monarch of the deep, deep sea : tinsel print; London, undated. MS Thr 945 (47)Finding aids for nine newly cataloged collections, and a preliminary box list for four recent acquisitions, have been added to the OASIS database this month, including a rare collection of tinsel prints, portraits of actors in character, decorated with bright metal foil costume pieces.

Processed by Irina Klyagin:

Sally Jacobs Papers, 1957-2011 (MS Thr 878)
Processed by Bonnie B. Salt:

Popular Entertainment Printed Materials, 1776-1953 (MS Thr 941)

Theatrical Penny Plain and Twopence Coloured Additional Portraits, 1810-1848 (MS Thr 942)

Toy Theater Prints of Characters and Scenes, 1811-1855 (MS Thr 944)

Tinsel Prints, 1816-1841 (MS Thr 945)

Mr. Holloway as Richard the 3rd : tinsel print; London, undated. MS Thr 945 (18)
Processed by Melanie Wisner:

Records Concerning Louis Prang’s Gold Mining Venture, 1887-1890 (MS Am 2768)

George Francis Train Collection, ca. 1854-1904 (MS Am 2763)

William Cranch Bond Correspondence, 1840-1852 (MS Am 2805)

Gene DeGruson Papers Concerning Amy Lowell, 1958-1987 (MS Am 2751)
PRELIMINARY BOX LISTS, created by Melanie Wisner, now on OASIS:
José García Villa Papers, ca. 1920-1997 (2008M-14)

Edwin Garrigues Boring Collection of Photographs of Psychologists, ca. 1899-1968 (MS Am 2898)

David P. Becker Research Files for The Practice of Letters, ca. 1994-2009 (MS Typ 1161)

David P. Becker Research Files Concerning Rodolphe Bresdin, ca. 1976-2009 (MS Typ 1162)

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