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A Cannabis Lovers Guidebook

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This post is part of an ongoing series featuring items from the newly acquired Santo Domingo collection.


Les Très Riches Heures du Cannabis is a cannabis lovers must have. Full of colorful illustrations and advice, this book has everything you need to know and more. From descriptions and step by step instructions on how to roll different types of joints to how to make homemade vaporizers, this book has everything.  It is great for someone without any prior knowledge as well as those trying to supplement what they already know.

There are descriptions of growing practices and cultivation tips for the do-it-yourself types and for the more adventurous travel-savvy reader there is even a section on cafes in Amsterdam. Also included in the book are several recipes that include marijuana such as eggs, a spinach side and ice creams and sorbets. The cartoon illustrations are fanciful and over-the-top and reinforce the humorous aspects of this book.


Attributed to “PhiX”, who has co-authored another book with Jean-Pierre Galland on harvesting marijuana, this book surely makes an excellent addition to any drug related collection. Widener has more books by Jean-Pierre Galland on marijuana, such as Drogues: état des lieux : cannabis, alcool, héroïne, also in the Santo Domingo Collection.


Find this book at Widener Library. Les très riches heures du cannabis / Phix. Paris : Éditions du Lézard, 1996.


Thanks to Emma Clement, Santo Domingo Library Assistant, for contributing this post.

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