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New on OASIS in July

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Finding aids for 11 newly cataloged collections, as well as a preliminary box list for one new acquisition, were added to the OASIS database this month.

Processed by Irina Klyagin:
Costume Designs for French Opera, Theater and Music-Halls, circa 1890-1940 (MS Thr 1137)

Theodore Komisarjevsky Costume and Set Designs, 1918-1936 (MS Thr 1143)

Costume Designs for French Music-halls, 1910-1962 (MS Thr 1134)

Processed by Jennifer Lyons:
Modern American Theater Programs, 1919-2006 (MS Thr 1138)

Processed by Ashley M. Nary:
American and British Theater Programs, 1925-2007 (MS Thr 1136)

Processed by Bonnie B. Salt:
Foxcroft Family Papers, 1745-1842 (MS Am 3034)

Green Family Letters and Other Papers, 1753-1838 (MS Am 3036)

Jeremiah Fogg Papers, 1773-1853 (MS Am 3038)

Jacques Prévost de la Croix Genealogical Papers, 1698-1782 (MS Can 69)

New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Papers Concerning Settlements on the St. John River, 1766-1786 (MS Can 75)

Letters Sent to the Boston Museum, 1864-1891 (MS Thr 1139)

The following collection has a new preliminary box-list now on OASIS:

Processed by Melanie Wisner:
Jane Freilicher Additional Papers, circa 1938-2014 (MS Am 3029)

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