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Hi-Brew Beer

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This post is part of an ongoing series featuring items from the newly acquired Julio Mario Santo Domingo Collection.


Interested in brewing your own “special beer”?  Then this book could be for you!  Beer making has been going on for thousands of years and the Unknown Brewer, who is brewmaster of Hi-Brewers decided to share his knowledge with the world back in the early 80s, to great success (according to the editor), but when they went to reprint more copies there was pressure from the government so the book was in a holding pattern for 14 years until they found a printer.  During that time U.B. revised the book into this current edition.

The book includes three parts : Setting up, The Recipes, and Brewing Tips.  Setting up describes history, ingredients, equipment, cleanliness, and marijuana.  The recipe section describes such types of beer as Potted Porter, Pot-Pale Ale, Double Headed Buzzer, and Headwiser.

The recipes move from simple to more complex as you progress throughout the book.  It also contains handy labels with easy perforation so that one can rip them out and then affix it to the beer bottles once you have made the beer of your dreams.


Marijuana beer : how to make your own hi-brew beer /as told to Ed Rosenthal by U.B.Oakland, CA : Quick American Archives, c1996 can be found in Schlesinger Library’s collection.

Thanks to Alison Harris, Julio Mario Santo Domingo Project Manager, and Erin Ellingham at Schlesinger Library, for contributing this post.

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