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Cannabis cooking!

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This post is part of an ongoing series featuring items from the newly acquired Julio Mario Santo Domingo Collection.

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Stuffed mushrooms a la cannabis, shrimp wiggles, wacky cake, majun, pot loaf, cannabis chocolate icing and boston bean pot are all recipes that can be found in the numerous volumes that have recently been added to Schlesinger from the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Collection.


Wondering what exactly is this majun?  Majun is concocted from hemp, leaves, nuts, honey, and spices forming a type of sweetmeat. The author Glen Martin advises that you probably won’t feel the effects right away but the amount is quite substantial and one should only use mediocre weed for the recipe, saving the better types such as Oaxacan or Colombian for a pipe.

IMG_0022_aOr perhaps you would like to sample the “Wacky Cake” from Supermother’s Cooking with Grass.  Simply sautee the grass in oil for about half an hour and let it cool, then proceed with cooking the cake via Supermother’s instructions.

Maybe something savory is more to your liking?  Then the volume Cooking with Pot could be just the ticket with a Boston Bean Pot recipe.


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All of these titles and many other cookbooks that incorporate marijuana can be found in Schlesinger Library’s collection.

Thanks Alison Harris, Julio Mario Santo Domingo Project Manager, and Erin Ellingham from Schlesinger Library for contributing this post.

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