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Collections Now Available for Research: May 2018

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Houghton Library is pleased to announce that the following collections now have descriptive finding aids and are available for research in the library’s reading room.

José María Castañé Collection of German Wartime Propaganda Flyers in Russian, 1942-1944 (MS Russ 144) – processed by Irina Klyagin

Angna Enters Collection, 1929-1962, and undated (MS Thr 1784) – processed by Betts Coup

T.T. Gill Scene Designs, circa 1900-1930 (MS Thr 1779) – processed by Betts Coup

Father Michael J. Gillgannon Collection of Missionary Writings on Bolivia, circa 1976-2002 (MS Am 3172) – processed by Magdaline Lawhorn

David Hilberman “The Mother Of Us All” Designs, 1947-1965 (MS Thr 1781) – processed by Betts Coup

George Holland Papers, circa 1817-1869 (MS Thr 1786) – processed by Melanie Wisner

Joan Personette Costume Designs, circa 1940s (MS Thr 1782) – processed by Betts Coup

Daniel Rabel ballet drawings, 1625-1626 (MS Thr 1775) – processed by Betts Coup

Alekseĭ Remizov Letters to Boris Ungebaun with Related Papers, 1920-1963 (MS Russ 143) – processed by Magdaline Lawhorn

Theatrical Portrait Photographs (TCS 28) – processed by Betts Coup

Theatrical Scene Photographs (TCS 29) – processed by Betts Coup

Jo Ellis Tracy ballet drawings, circa 1990-1999 (MS Thr 1776) – processed by Betts Coup

Wulkan Family Theatrical Cabinet Cards, circa 1880-1900 (MS Thr 1773) – processed by Magdaline Lawhorn

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