Where’s Waldo?

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) and Daniel Chester French, (1850-1931) Ralph Waldo Emerson sits silently as a dark bronze statue, watching young Harvard scholars travel in and out of their classrooms. He sits majestically as a marble sculpture, overseeing readers at the Concord Free Public Library. He sits coyly as a forest sprite, in a corner Read More

Myths debunked: Sadly, Theodore Roosevelt never rode a moose

Many of Theodore Roosevelt’s adventures seem like something out of a tall tale: he survived an assassination attempt; nearly died while exploring the Amazonian jungle; and became the first president to drive a car and fly in a plane; among many others. Despite having been a larger-than-life figure, this is one thing that TR never Read More

Brides and Brigands

How to spot a Norwegian bride?  Just look for the crown!  This 19th century hand colored cabinet photograph depicts a Norwegian bride wearing a traditional folk costume with a bridal crown or brudekrone.  You will notice the bridal crown has small metal discs and beads hanging from it which produce a melodic tinkling and according Read More