Links for 9-11-09

Not much in the way of blog posts this week due to travel and conference presentations. Here are some recent good reads to tide you over until next week:

NPR shares a podcast from a retired firefighter who lost both of his sons, eight years ago today, at the World Trade Center.

UN Dispatch and Evgeny Morozov look at the dust up over GQ Russia’s choice to not publish an article linking the 1999 Moscow apartment bombings to the war in Chechnya and Putin’s election.

Profy looks at VKontakte’s (the Russian version of facebook) plans to expand globally.

The Atlantic wonders if innovation will force Google to fall from the tech heights, just as Microsoft and IBM did before it.

Ethan Zuckerman summarizes Hamid Tehraini’s analysis of social media in Iran, while the Wonk Room shoots holes in the idea that Obama’s outreach has strengthened Iranian hardliners.

The New York Times on a blow to anonymity in the Chinese Internet.

And Foreign Policy shows how pigeons are faster than the South African Internet.

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