Saving Endangered Photographs…

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  1. jennings says:

    Melissa Banta posted this to the harvardphoto list. Does she have access to this blog? If not, should we consider making it more widely available? I’m not sure what the policy is.

  2. lingner says:

    There is no policy to speak of, and unless there is strenuous objection with good cause, I see no reason not to open this blog up as wide as possible within Harvard, and even to the greater photographic community.

    As it stands, I believe that anyone can view the blog, but only those with an account may post. I don’t know who Melissa Banta is, but if you feel she should be included, and she wants to be included, send me her address (off blog) and I’ll see that she gets an invite. And while I’m at it, I might send a couple over to people I know at the Weissman.

    It is at least passively moderated. There are spam filters in place, but occasionally stray spam has worked its way into the comments. When I notice this, I delete such comments.

  3. Elena Bulat says:

    I have sent your blog link to Melissa Banta and Robert Barton as well to my lab mates at WPC :).

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