Baby-Naming Rights

At the Madisonian blog (with slick new redesign!), the ever inventive Mike Madison reports on a conversation at a dinner party that surely was populated by law professors and info/law geeks: what should either law or ethics have to say if expectant parents sold naming rights to their baby, like every sports stadium does. Among […]

More on Paperless Voting Machines

The Washington Post reports here that the policymaking panel at the National Institute of Standards and Technology has rejected the recommendations of its internal experts (noted here), voting against guidelines requiring electronic voting machines to have a software-independent audit trail. According to the Post, five states use such paperless machines exclusively and 11 more use […]

In Defense of Zune

The reaction (“turkey… disaster”) to Microsoft’s Zune player has been almost uniformly caustic. (Tim rightly points out that Apple’s iPod, with which the Zune is contrasted unfavorably in most cases, was developed in an entirely different legal universe.) There are a lot of problems with the Zune, most prominently that PlaysForSure really means PlaysForNow. Apple’s […]

Spam Continues to Increase; Absolutely No One Shocked

According to anti-spam company Postini, 91% of e-mail messages are now spam. A majority of China’s cell phone users get at least five spam text (SMS) messages per week, and 61% have complained to their service provider about the problem. The European Union has spam loads of 50 to 80% of messages, and is (yet […]

Law & Tech Theory “Mobblog”

Super-bloggers Jim Chen and Frank Pasquale have teamed up, along with Gaia Bernstein and a bunch of other legal scholars, to start a new blogging experiment called Law & Technology Theory. Let Frank explain it: [We] wanted to create a new forum for discussing the ideas Gaia discussed above — one more open and participatory […]

Zuckerman Ponders Infotopia

Do yourself a favor right now and go read Ethan Zuckerman’s lengthy, thoughtful review of Cass Sunstein’s recent book, Infotopia. Among many virtues, Ethan’s post connects Sunstein’s ideas to other developments in cyberspace. A taste of Ethan’s comments: Whether or not I agree with all of Sunstein’s conclusions, his quest for systems that aggregate knowledge […]