Spam in a Can? Direct Mail as Information Problem

The NYT interviews Michael Critelli, head of Pitney Bowes, who disputes claims that direct (snail) mail harms the environment, annoys consumers, kills kittens, and is otherwise bad. There’s a mix of ham and spam in his claims. For example, it’s not shocking that the direct marketing industry has long been a fan of “informed consumer […]

PRO IP and Silence of the Profs?

The House and Senate easily passed, and President Bush signed, the PRO IP Act. Some commentators have been critical of the Act (Public Knowledge, TechCrunch, Declan McCullagh) – but to no avail. However, IP profs (at least, those who blog) have been pretty quiet about the Act. I can conceive of at least three possible […]

Flaws in Palin Hacker’s Indictment?

A grand jury has handed down this indictment against David Kernell, the son of a Democratic state legislator in Tennessee, for allegedly hacking into Governor Sarah Palin’s e-mail account. (News story here.) Professors Orin Kerr and Paul Ohm, probably the two most knowledgeable scholars in the country on the subject of computer crime, are both […]

Red Sox, Scandal, and Trademarks

No, Alex Rodriguez isn’t involved. But with the Red Sox meeting the Tampa Bay Rays in the American League Championship Series on Friday, this seemed like a fun bridge between IP and MLB. (Game 1 is at 8PM EST, or at least 2 hours past the bedtime for most Tampa residents.) Brad Sherman sought to […]

Political Speech on Public Campuses

This Chicago Tribune article discusses a controversy at the University of Illinois, which: has sparked outrage by telling faculty, staff and graduate students that a 5-year-old state law designed to prevent state workers from campaigning for candidates on state time or with state resources meant they could not express support for candidates or parties through […]

Skype, Filtering, and Privacy

[Update Oct. 3 5:45PM – Skype’s president responds, and says Skype was unaware of TOM’s monitoring. But this is why tech firms partner with domestic Chinese firms: to handle uncomfortable requests such as filtering and surveillance… (via Wired)] The New York Times reports on some terrific research done by my former ONI colleague Nart Villeneuve […]