Can I Write My Next Law Review Article in Google Docs?

That day appears to have moved one step closer with the news that the free Google Docs service now supports footnotes, a functionality presently indispensable to legal academic writing (although occasionally controversial). Now if we can just get the law review editors to stop insisting on Microsoft Word, we will be getting somewhere.

New Group Enters Privacy Debate

A new privacy advocacy organization called the Future of Privacy Forum, funded by AT&T, has debuted in Washington. I might have assumed it would be another industry-driven group seeking to prevent serious policy changes, except that I have a lot of personal respect for its leadership. The director, Jules Polonetsky has a long history of […]

Brilliant New York Times Parody: Legal?

There is a terrific parody (or, perhaps, satire) of the New York Times available both in cyberspace and in print (over a million copies were distributed in cities nationwide, mostly New York and LA). (The Times is calling it a “spoof.”) This is detailed, careful artistic work: if you explore the site, you’ll see that […]

Offer Advice to Obama’s CTO

President-Elect Obama said during the election that he would appoint a chief technology officer to bring 21st century thinking to the White House. (This is not to be confused with the position of “intellectual property czar” recently created by Congress.) The Obama campaign was more comfortable with new technology than any past presidential candidacy. But […]

Like Voldemort, Potter-Lexicon Suit Rises Again

RDR Books, which lost in a copyright lawsuit filed by Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling against its planned Harry Potter Lexicon book, has filed a notice of appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. (Hat tip: Slashdot, Ray Beckerman; coverage: Stanford’s Copyright & Fair Use blog, P2PNet; list of documents […]