Great Lakes Water Law Blog Wins Award

My friend and colleague Noah Hall, an internationally-recognized expert on water law, runs the Great Lakes Law blog, which has been named Great Lakes Information Network Site of the Month. Congrats, Noah! If you live anywhere near the Great Lakes and water plays a role in your life – showering, drinking, swimming, etc. – you […]

Australian Blacklist Revealed?

According to BoingBoing and Slashdot, the blacklist compiled by the Australian Communications and Media Authority has been posted to Wikileaks. It appears that the posted blacklist is an older one. What’s made this controversial is that Australia is now evidently blacklisting Wikileaks. As I suggest in my paper on this topic, this type of expanded […]

Interview with Background Briefing on Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Wendy Carlisle, of the ABC, has an excellent Background Briefing piece on Australia’s Internet filtering controversy. (I’m biased, because I’m interviewed in the piece.) Background Briefing is influential in Australia – probably similar to Frontline or the Jim Lehrer Newshour here in the U.S. – and so this piece could help drive the debate. You […]

How Filtering Affects ISPs

This is the write-up of a short talk I gave at the Filtering Workshop put on by the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre at the University of New South Wales last week. I welcome comments, feedback, and criticism! Filtering Workshop: Implications for ISPs (University of New South Wales, 4 March 2009) My theme is that […]

Oh My God, They Killed Copyright!

OK, it’s a weak title, but I needed the South Park allusion. When I was at Lotus, one of the plums was being selected to go to Lotusphere, the annual confab at the Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin resorts in Florida. I went twice (once as podium slave, once as presenter), and loved it for […]