Grading the New Administration’s Innovation Policy

During last year’s Presidential campaign, the Obama team earned accolades for its embrace of new technology to get its message out. During the transition, it extended tools developed during the campaign to allow citizen input on policy.  So, 100 days in, how is the new President doing on fostering technological innovation? Not too well, according […]

Copyfraud at the White House?

“Copyfraud at the White House!”  Sounds like a title the late Margaret Truman might have dreamed up, doesn’t it.  The story in brief: the White House yesterday posted nearly 300 official photographs taken during the first 100 days of the Obama Administration on Flickr, the popular photo-sharing site.  Applause, applause.  And the best part of […]

Tax Breaks and Special Interests

My colleague Rebecca Kysar, an expert on taxation and on statutory interpretation, has a post on Paul Caron’s TaxProf Blog about how courts should interpret laws (known as “transition rules”) that provide tax advantages to certain, targeted taxpayers. Unsurprisingly, these payers often employ lobbyists to help them obtain such rules. This raises a number of […]

Norm-Shifting Litigation

It was the end of an era when the music industry announced late last year that it would end its five-year campaign of filing tens of thousands of copyright infringement lawsuits against end-users of peer-to-peer file-sharing software in favor of a new plan that relied more heavily on intermediaries, such as internet service providers, to […]

The Future of America’s Auto Industry

It doesn’t look good. My colleague Ted Janger, an expert on bankruptcy law, offered insights to NPR’s “On Point” (out of WBUR in Boston) this morning. You can listen to the show on-line. What’s scary is that bankruptcy may be the least frightening option for GM and Chrysler…

Google Thievery

Google’s a thief. The company steals people’s copyrighted material (Rupert Murdoch); perhaps it’s misappropriating hot news (Associated Press); it’s even planning to replace Maureen Dowd! (Is this bad?) Some comments are even stronger: Robert Thomson of the Wall Street Journal called Google “tech tapeworms,” and The Guardian‘s Henry Porter calmly assesses the company as “a […]

Unsend! Unsend!

As Dan Solove notes at Concurring Opinions, Google’s Gmail service now offers an “unsend” feature: you have a grace period of five seconds after you click “Send” to think better of it. I have to look at the Gmail code to be sure, but I’d guess that Gmail simply waits to do the HTTP POST […]